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The internet, electronic communication, and electronic documents are game changers in legal services.  We are mindful of these changes, and leaders in the process. We were among the first, if not the first firm in the region, to convert to a completely electronic office.

As part of the process, many of the best and brightest legal professionals now practice in efficient  “right sized” offices. Fading are the days in which the best attorneys often gravitated to large firms with large shared overhead, staffing, libraries, and opulent offices. Clients now want top-tier legal services in a direct and efficient manner. The standard for the last century was that lawyers in the larger firms often referred clients to other attorneys in their firm, regardless of the skill and production of each attorney. Clients often were “transitioned” to other firm members, without making a knowing decision about the process. One of the genuine strengths of our office is that we know and have professional relationships with many of the best and the brightest lawyers, regardless of where their offices are located.